eQube-DaaS Platform's PDP solution implementation sky rockets Northrop Grumman's productivity

eQube®-DaaS Platform's PDP solution implementation sky rockets Northrop Grumman's productivity


Improved product definition

30% Increased user adoption

Smart, intuitive interface

Business Opportunities

  • Authoring/editing within source system non intuitive, error prone, and time consuming (Notes, Processes, Finishes, Materials, Product Structure, Effectivity,…)
  • Need to introduce timely enhancements to the system and user interface
  • Poor user adoption due to usability and productivity
  • User productivity impacting program schedule and cost


  • The EasyPDP ‘For-Purpose’ App, for most use cases. consolidated and orchestrated task-based activities in single click operations within a single screen
  • No modifications to Teamcenter or Teamcenter Customer customization layers were required
  • Orchestrations driven by business processes
  • Reduction of over 90% of user interactions (picks and clicks/windows)
  • Increased user productivity with improved quality

eQube® Benefits

  • Initial solution deployed in Production within 3 months
  • User productivity increased by more than 30%
  • Training time reduced from 40hrs to 1hr
  • User adoption increased
  • Consistent EasyPDP interface for both Teamcenter Unified and Teamcenter Enterprise benefiting user training, adoption and productivity

eQube® Products Used

  • eQube®-MI and eQube®-API Gateway
  • eQube® Web App Toolkit for building the EasyPDP app
  • eQ Smart Cache technologies used for performance
EasyPDP integration | eqube

I want to thank eQube and especially the EasyPDP Development Team for their dedicated support to develop, deliver, and deploy a much needed application for our user community. We have all worked through some unbelievable circumstances to get to this major milestone. On Monday the EasyPDP application will be available for use to over 200+ PDP authors, which is an incredible accomplishment in a very short period of time. The persistent dedication from the entire team was at times pushed to the limits; but each one of us was not going to let any of our teammates down…a true testament to "teamwork".

PATRICK K. SMITH | Engineering Systems Architect

Northrop Grumman Corporation | Aeronautics Systems