eQ delivers a seamless integration solution for NGC using eQube-DaaS Platform's 'No Code' connectors

eQ delivers a seamless integration solution for NGC using eQube®-DaaS Platform's 'No Code' connectors


Rapid solution development

30% Increase in productivity

1 hour Significant reduction in training time

Business Opportunities

    Seamless Integration of homegrown shop floor management system with ERP and PLM to manage Engineering and Manufacturing data
  • Material Master Data synchronization between PLM & ERP (two way)
    • Parts created in PLM are transferred to ERP - triggered by release workflow
    • Additional attributes populated in ERP are brought back in PLM for reference
  • MBOM transfer from PLM to ERP
    • Complex data extraction & transformation needed to create Change Masters (Effectivity) and MBOM data in SAP
    • Revisions of BOM in PLM are calculated to translate into add/modify/delete in SAP
  • BOP transfer from PLM to ERP
    • Includes SWI (Supplier Work Instructions)
    • Operations, TWIs, Workcenters, Tools and Effectivity data
  • BOP transfer from PLM to MES
    • Includes TWIs, Workcenters, Tools along with Effectivity data, attached documents/artefacts


  • Failure messages returned from destination system are made available in PLM audit logs to end users
  • Modular design allows reuse of sub-processes reducing development and maintenance efforts
  • Validations included as part of transformation logic which ensures data quality

eQube® Products Used

  • eQube®-MI
  • eQube® Connectors: Teamcenter, Databases
  • Publish to Webservice - to communicate with SAP/PI
  • Common eQube®-MI processes used across interfaces for error handling, workflow sign-offs etc

eQube® Benefits

  • Seamless integration with Teamcenter and SAP workflows leveraging the Northrop Grumman processes
  • Features such as Wait-Publish Auto Retry used to ensure data integrity & minimum human intervention
  • "Upgrade tolerant" - Code-less last-mile connectivity to systems using COTS eQube connectors
NGC integration | eqube
NGC integration | eqube