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eQube®-BI Dashboards

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3D-Insight Jet Engine
3D Insight Module of eQube-BI showing 3D geometry - The colors on the jet engine indicate cost thresholds.
Geomap Energy Production
Energy Production in the USA - Geo Chart shows energy produced by each state; Bar chart shows energy production in Mississippi by fuel type; Pie chart shows fossil fuel and renewable energy contribution.
Bicycle Performance Analysis
Bicycle performance analysis using sensor data – Sensor data mashup with BOM in Teamcenter- Red color indicates issues reported by sensory data in the field on this part.
eQube-BI Live Dashboard
eQube-BI / TcRA live Dashboard –Live simulated telemetry information from Play Station 4 is used as the race progresses. Melbourne F1 track shown here – Location Co-ordinates of the car is updated live on the Geo Chart.
Post F1 Race
Post F1 race - Leader board report -Shows standing of the current driver.
eQube-BI Race Summary
eQube-BI / TcRA Race Summary for selected driver. Geo Chart shows speed pattern of this driver along with Engine RPM and damage caused to the car.
Post F1 Race Dashboard
Post F1 Race dashboard – Tack sector wise speed, Throttle and Speed by sector, sector wise duration & overall damage in each sector.
Post F1 Race Analysis
Post F1 race analysis – Tire temperature pattern across the track. Machine learning model using historical data used to show factors that caused tire temperature variations.
Post F1 Race Car Damage
Post F1 Race analysis – Car Damage (In red) and wear (in orange). BOM fetched from Teamcenter along with JT files and rendered, Cost and stock levels from ERP.
eQube-BI with Geolus shape search capability - Similar shapes are searched; Additional information from SAP as well as TeamCenter is shown; This report is shown integrated within TeamCenter Active Workspace.
Flight Cancellation Dashboard
Flight Cancellation Dashboard - Completed flights and cancelled flights for top 10 hubs; Cancellations per carrier and reason-wise breakup of cancellation.
BOM Reconciliation
BoM comparison between eBoM (From TeamCenter), MBoM (From SAP), and Sustainment BoM (From Oracle system)
CN Quantity and Roll up Report - Clicking on the icons takes the the user back to ActiveWork space in TeamCenter in context.
Cost Metrics Dashboard
Cost Deviation Trend Report - Highlights Budgeted cost v/s Actual cost; Shows the cost deviation trend; Also highlights the subsystem-wise cost deviation.
Accident Fatalities by State - Shows fatalities caused by different distractions as well as a state-wise distribution of fatalities on the Geo Chart.
Flight Delays Dashboard
Airline Delays Dashboard - Shows airline-wise delay, Delay history, and annual delays caused by weather; Shows top 5 performers and top worst performers.
Gestamp - Quality KPIs
Quality Indicators for different lots of tests – non Geometrical conformance, Geometric conformance and Initial Sample Inspection Status (PPAP)
Program Dashboard - Shows program size breakup; Scheduled status of programs started and not started; priority of programs and status.
Project Cockpit - Month-wise view of various project status; Status of deliverable backlogs and status of changes backlog.
Project Cockpit - Deliverables, Changes, Schedules.
Requirements Dashboard
Requirement Dashboard - Shows Throughout status of opened v/s closed requirements; Quality – number of revisions for each product, performance to schedule, and cost performance.
Schedule Baseline Comparison - Comparison of two Project baselines showing the on time % completion of tasks.
Cross Schedule Tasking Report - Displays the overall workload and its status for each user across multiple schedules. It helps in identifying bottlenecks in resource planning.
Earned Values Report - Shows the Earned Value Analysis of the schedule for current date. It shows how project is performing with respect to hours and cost allocated to the project.
Structure Management Dashboard
Structure Management Dashboard - Shows throughput, quality, schedule and cost performance for product development.
Geomap - World Bank Report
World Bank Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) Report – 30 year project assessment – continent-wise commitment & sector wise contribution.
World Bank Statistics
World Bank Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) – Sector-wise assessment – Bank quality, Bank Quality of supervision, Bank performance.
Orders Dashboard
Orders Dashboard – A consolidated multisystem report with aircraft rental data from Excel, sales orders from SAP, MRO orders from Oracle, as well as Teamcenter.
Product Report
This dashboard is an analysis of factors contributing to loneliness in people across all countries. These reports are based on responses from people all over the world - Watch the video in the videos section.
Data Source Kaiser Family Foundation, The Economist, Gartner Iconoculture
Product Report
This dashboard shows a drill down of the analysis from the world over and narrowed down to United Kingdom. Watch the video in the videos section
Data Source Kaiser Family Foundation, The Economist, Gartner Iconoculture
Product Report
This is an analysis of how happy people are around the world. The percentage tiles shown at the top is an automated analysis done by eQube-BI.
Data Source Kaiser Family Foundation, The Economist, Gartner Iconoculture
Product Report
Here is an another view about the happiness people experience around the world
Data Source Kaiser Family Foundation, The Economist, Gartner Iconoculture
Product Report
Factors influencing loneliness in all countries.
Data Source Kaiser Family Foundation, The Economist, Gartner Iconoculture