Realtime KPIs and Dashboards

Real-time KPIs & Dashboards

Mash up data from multi-systems with analytics

eQube®-BI is a modern A/BI platform that Democratizes BI. It puts the power of analytics in the hands of end users. It unshackles users to analyze live enterprise-wide data on-demand while honoring the security rules of the underlying applications. In addition, it efficiently deals with streaming / sensory data as well as Big Data stores and Data Lakes to provide an aggregated view across these data sources and core business systems (PLM, ERP, MRO, Supply Chain, Asset management, Logistics, ALM, etc.) for critical insight. It interactively mashes up data with stunning visualizations to reveal the 'story' behind the data for Actionable Insight. The underlying architecture is enterprise-class scalable architecture with highly optimized in-memory cubes that scales out to support thousands of end users.

F1 Game - live dashboard and race analysis using eQube-BI

F1 Game Real-time analytics with sensory data
(Sensory data + SAP + Teamcenter)

  • Real-time analysis of sensory date from F1 car
  • Streaming data from IIOT edge devices processed using Kafka engine
  • eQube®-ADA (Augmented Data Analytics) engine used for predictive analytics
  • Analysis from eQube®-BI and eQube®-ADA are presented in a live dashboard
  • Dashboard showing parts' health and cost analysis
    • Data mashed up from Teamcenter (BOM and JTs) and from SAP (cost, inventory)
Real-time analysis of sensory date from a bicycle

Bicycle performance analysis - tying sensory data with core systems
(Sensory data + Teamcenter)

  • Real-time analysis of sensory date from a bicycle
  • Data is sent to AWS and eQube®-MI populates it in Hadoop
  • eQube®-BI analyzes data in Hadoop and presents it in intuitive and interactive dashboards
  • eQube®-BI mashes up Hadoop data with Teamcenter for stunning 3D visualization
  • Engineer analyzes dashboard and raises change request in Teamcenter for design update
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