Secure Collaboration

Secure Collaboration

Efficiently integrate data across secure networks

Across many industries, there is a need for secure collaboration of data across networks, partners, suppliers, and customers. The eQube®-DaaS Platform supports multiple modes of secure collaboration:

a) Secure collaboration between higher and lower security level networks - 'connected mode'
b) Secure collaboration - 'disconnected mode'
c) Secure collaboration 'disconnected, disrupted, intermittent and limited connected mode' (D-DIL)

Across all secure collaboration modes, eQube®-MI can compress message payload from the source systems and encrypt it with various encryption algorithms including FIPS compliant algorithms, ensuring secure transfer of the payload. This payload can be decrypted before updating the target system.

NAVY Model Based Product Support (MBPS)

NAVY Model Based Product Support (MBPS) capability
(Teamcenter, MRO, ERP/SAP, Legacy, IoT)

  • Synchronize data between Afloat (ship) and Ashore instances
  • Intuitive 'For-Purpose' App for sailors and technicians
  • ML based analytics to prevent catastrophic failures
  • Orchestrate data movement across dozen applications
  • Intuitive and stunning visualizations for timely decisions
  • Integrate data in a DDIL environment (Disrupted, Disconnected, Intermittent, Low-bandwidth)
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