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eQ Integrator App Delivers Capacity Improvement by 50%


Secure data cleansing &
migration app for thousands of
ingredients and recipes

Achieved 75% efficiency
increase in data consolidation

Reduced internal resource needs
by 50%, streamlined data access

Business Opportunities

    A leading food and beverage industry packaging brand described their challenges as following:

  • High resource consumption and complexity in merging diverse data from acquisitions into existing systems.
  • Complexity of managing overlapping ingredients with minor differences.
  • Manual data entry leading to errors and overutilization of resources.
  • Searching for the right data and documents was time consuming.


  • User friendly interface for data enrichment and cleansing.
  • Auto-creation of various specifications:
    • PLM system: Oracle Agile PLM for Process - Ingredients, Formulations, Trade Specs, Packaging, Master Recipe, etc.
    • ERP system : SAP ECC6 - Ingredients, Packaging, Master Recipe, etc.
  • At a glance comparison between existing and incoming specs - including extended attributes such as chemical and physical properties
  • In built verifications to enforce PLM processes (e.g. mandatory attributes, LOVs from PLM etc.)
  • Same eQ Integrator App can be reused in the future for new acquisitions with minimal changes to the App

eQube® Benefits

    The company received the following benefits by choosing eQ Technologic:

  • Centralized and streamlined diverse data sources, facilitating comparison, tracking, and management of numerous attributes and specifications within a single system.
  • Consolidated extensive data attributes and specifications, allowing for simplified comparison and tracking across the organization.
  • Populated data from native legacy ERP and PLM systems to target ERP and PLM systems using a simple user interface (UI) and automatic data transformations.
  • Adhered to highly customized versions of systems used by the customer

eQ Process

  • Conducted SME workshops to understand F&B integration challenges; design a user-focused app with agile UI mock-ups for a superior user experience
  • Implemented data cleansing through an intuitive UI, with comparative views of specifications and reduced manual data management using eQube®-ADA.
  • Created in-built workflows and validations to ensure data integrity and align with evolving PLM processes, pushing data to COTS PLM and ERP systems.
  • Launched with a focus on Ingredients management, followed by formulations, packaging, and master recipe management iterated based on performance analytics, and continuously accommodated evolving data conditions.

eQube® Products Used

  • eQube® Integration Suite: eQube®-MI, eQube®-AG, eQube®-TM
  • eQube® Analytics Suite: eQube®-BI, eQube®-ADA
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